FAQs about Family VBS
Why Family VBS?
You are able to engage and worship along side your family. It is important to a family unit to worship and play and learn together. We believe the parents are the spiritual guides of their homes and where else are you going to be encouraged to run and scream and dance with your family all while praising God. Family VBS is designed to strengthen the home.
What ages can attend? Children 3yrs-5th grade with their parents.
What if I have a child older or younger than 3 yrs.-5th grade?
a) If they are younger than 3yrs. They can come and have their own programming while you are with your older children.
b) If they are older you have 2 choices, you may have them partake in it with you or serve in one of the areas of VBS. If you only have children younger than 3 but would like to serve then they may go to the programming for that age as long as you are serving.
Can I drop my kids off and have a date night?
No. Family VBS is designed to be done as a family.
What if I am working and would like my child to come?
If your work schedule is keeping you from attending with your children we will have host families to participate with them. However if at all possible we would like you to participate with them.
I see it is at night and I don’t have time to make dinner before we get there and can’t afford to eat out.
Don’t worry we have you covered. Each night we will have a little time before hand with food and fellowship.