Summer Discipleship

Sunday Morning: Explore the Bible
You will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged as you study 1, 2 Timothy and Titus. Paul, in his Pastoral Epistles, speaks from seemingly every possible angle about the Christian life—who we are in Christ and how we are to live our new lives in Christ. Meets at 9:15am in Room
Sunday Morning: Young Adult Class
What does it mean to have spiritual struggles? How do we take our faith traditions and make it our own as God reveals his character through Scripture, worship, reason, tradition and experience? Join us as we begin this conversation. Meets at 9:22am in Room 1.
Sunday Morning Women’s Bible Study
The Scriptures record the stories of three women who were touched by the Lord in intimate and lifechanging encounters. One the Lord rescues in the wilderness. One he hears in his temple. Another he gives living water. If you too are thirsty—wondering at times if God sees or cares—this study provides a comforting look at lives he changed when he showed himself to individuals in their times of need. Meets at 9:15am in the Conference Room.
Tuesday Night Men’s Archery: SOAP
Along with fellowship and sharpening your bow skills in friendly completion there will be time of studying God’s Word through S.O.A.P. Meets at 7pm in the FLC.
Wednesday Night: Living Into Community
Four Wednesday nights during the summer we will unpack four ways we can truly flourish while living in community: Forgiveness, confession/ communion/hospitality and truth-telling. Meets at 6:30pm in Room 1.
Dates: June 12th, June 26th, July 17th and July 31st.

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