Worship Service Prep Document


In order to make your On-Line Worship Service experience as seamless and meaningful as possible, the following are a few suggestions you may find helpful as you prepare to join us for worship Sunday morning:


  • Prepare a space that is free of distractions and noise as best as you can. If you are utilizing your SmartTV or laptop computer to participate in the service, turn off and/or silence your phones and mobile devices.
  • If you are utilizing a SmartTV, locate the Crossbridge YouTube Channel. The link to the Crossbridge YouTube Channel is Crossbridge Houston Media
  • If you are worshipping via Facebook Live, you can find the Facebook Live link by going to the Official Crossbridge Christian Church Facebook page or utilizing the following link: Crossbridge Christian Church
  • To prepare for communion, you may want to get a small cup of grape juice and a piece of bread or cracker for each person in your family or group who is participating in worship with you.
  • Obtain the Sermon Notes and the On-Line Connection Card in either one of two ways:
  1. By opening the Crossbridge App and printing the Sermon Notes and completing the Connection Card
  2. By downloading the Sermon Notes and Connection Card from the email sent from the following links:
Sermon Notes: No Sermon Notes This Week
Click below for the Crossbridge Connection Card:

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