Sample Letter

Hi neighbor!
Well, we’re in interesting times with this whole COVID-19 situation, with lots of anxiety and fear in our community about where it’s all headed. It’s hard to tell what the next days, weeks and months have in store for us, but whatever the case, we think it’s a good time to push into being good neighbors!
We don’t have a whole lot stockpiled, but we may have something we can share with you if you’re in a pinch. We’d also be happy to do a run to the store if you’re finding it difficult to get there yourself.
Anyway, if you do need something – or if you want to talk more about ways we can help each other – give us a call at We’re house 9 at 39th Street.
Know that we’re praying for you, this block and our neighborhood as we go through this together.
Kevin and Jill


PS…My church is a great resource,

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