As Crossbridge continues to receive gifts from the community for the Harvey Relief Fund, we are giving them directly back to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  One way we have done so is by putting $5,000 in gift cards in the hands of community families in need.  
In addition, we have also fostered over 20 homes in some form of restoration, coordinating 5 different groups from across the country.  Crossbridge has also partnered with local and global organizations to find possible grants for individuals to apply.  Finally, we have worked with other local and national churches for end-to-end solutions and shared resources.
For our latest efforts, visit the Hurricane Harvey Relief Center link.
Otherwise, here are some of the stories, photos and videos we received early on.

We are still accepting donations.  Simply follow the link to the Harvey Relief Fund to contribute.

Here are pictures of recipient: Sunsirae’s home
Giver : Sandy
To John & Marcella
In Christ,
Melisa Miles
To Richard & Betty Jean
In Christ,
Melisa Miles
This is the Sebek‘s house in bear creek.
Thank you messages and stories.
 I wanted to send in the response of one of our gift card recipients. I actually handed out 2 cards today to 2 different people on my team that lost everything due to the flooding. To bring grown men to tears with a small blessing is an unexplainable feeling. The overwhelming amount of gratitude coming from each of them was undeniable. The response below was from a guy named James. I approached him after one of our meetings, and told him I had something for him. I proceeded to hand him the card (which he kept denying) and told him that it wasn’t from me, it was from God and my church and that I hope it could help buy whatever he might need, and that I was sorry he was having to go through this. Once he finally accepted the envelope, his eyes immediately filled with tears, he thanked me numerous times and told me to thank my church as well. He went back to his desk and a few minutes later I received the message below

The second person I gave an envelope to was a gentleman named Nick.  I was getting up to walk over to his desk and right as I got up he was walking by.  I told him “hey perfect timing I was on my way to come see you, I have something for you.”  I handed him the envelope and again he saw where it was going and tried to reject it. I just said “no- listen this isn’t personally from me, this is from God and my church and I just knew who I needed to give it to.“  He accepted the envelope and again tears filled his eyes, he thanked me and asked where our church was.  I told him the address is in the envelope and to bring his family.

Thank you for the gift cards and allowing me to be a blessing to people.  I am proud to be a part of such an amazing, caring church!!

The Gracia family lost everything in the floor. They live off Cypresswood and right now staying in a shelter at the MET on Jones road. I have them the  $50 donation to help them. The family is
Baldomero Garcia
Laura Garcia
Juan Garcia
Cecilia Castro
Damien Garcia 6
Eli Garcia 4
Julien Garcia 3
Izaiah Garcia 2
Even though they lost everything. They st have faith. God bless this family.
My name is Katina Guidry. 
From Stacey Kirby:
No one could have imagined the devastation this hurricane would cause. I have lived in Houston practically all of my life. The only time I left Houston was to serve my country in the Navy overseas. Houston is my home, it has a huge melting pot of cultures to experience and it comes together in times of great strife and tragedy, and it has seen plenty of hurricanes and floods, but nothing to this extent. My home and all of my possessions are gone. I take care of my parents and grandmother full time, they depend on me to help take them to their doctors appointments, get their medications, and everything else that goes with it. My little car was mighty and she got me to where I needed to go – for my family. Now it’s sitting full of sewage water, completely flooded. Your generosity will not go unfounded and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless. And thank you for the Gift Card.  It means a lot.
Charlene lived in this home in Bear Creek. Had flood insurance but had never had a problem in the past. She evacuated to a hotel with very limited personal belongings. She is 65 and job is terminating (co sold). Lost everything on first floor. Gave her the $50 to go to DSW and purchase a pair of shoes as all shoes were on floor in closet. Not sure where or what she will do when hotel says last day will probably be 9/25.
This $50 gift card was a very generous gift and Charlene was very grateful!
Thank you so much.
Videos – please click on each one for their stories.