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What do I wear?  
Wear whatever you like. The pastor is casual. The worshipers’ dress styles range from jeans to slacks to skirts. Occasionally you may see a tie.  
What is the service of worship like?
Ultimately, our worship is for God, not us. As we worship, we expect the Presence of God to touch our hearts through a blended mix of upbeat and traditional music styles, a relevant Biblical message, and Communion.  
What about kids?  
We have a secure nursery and preschooler program, Promise Land Kids, as well as Jump! and Splash! Kids’ Church for children in K-5th grade. (Alternatively, you may keep your children with you in the sanctuary if you wish.) Middle School students and older are a part of the regular worship service.
We offer communion every Sunday and it is open to all believers.
We are always ready for baptism. There is an invitation at the end of the sermon for all who wish to be baptized.